Engineering CAP I Cut off-list for MH CET 2011

This article gives engineering MT CET cut-off list of some of the best colleges in the Pune. The Engineering MT CET cut-off list is for the CAP I round of the year 2011. You can use this Engineering MT CET Cut-off list 2011 of CAP I round for reference. The MT CET cut-off list in this article is very much simplified and easy to understand.

CAP Rounds, cut-off lists, engineering colleges, admissions all these things make you feel dizzy after exams. The process of admission to the colleges is really very boring at the times but it’s one of those things which must be done even if you dislike it. Before getting into the CAP rounds there is need that you should thoroughly study about the cut-off lists. Average students who score less marks, tend to submit any random college, this is really very harmful. The thing is even if you’ve scored less, there are some good colleges out there which you can get admission in.

How this list will be helpful for you?

In this guide, you’ll find the Engineering MT CET cut-off list of the some of the reputed colleges from University of Pune. Please note that this Engineering MT CET cut-off list mentioned here is for the year 2011. But, you can still refer it with your score. This might give you some idea about what college you might get. I know you can find it anywhere on the internet but this list is more simplified and will also help you.

What you’ll find in this article?

Engineering MT CET Cut-off list of 13 colleges, for the students of all categories

Address & Contact details of the colleges

Links to some Really Helpful articles to guide you throughout the admission process

Many students encounter the problem of finding cut-off list for the particular branch. Below I’ve simplified the Engineering MT CET cut-off for some of the best engineering colleges in Pune. The Engineering MT CET cut-off list mentioned here is of CAP round I 2011. But you can still refer it in order to search college for you. Also note that Engineering MT CET cut-off list is mentioned for the different Category’s Students. For the students other than open category the cut off is always less than that for the Open Category Students.

To reduce your workload this handy list will help you to go through the cut-off for different colleges in the Pune. I’ve listed only the best colleges for engineering which will also reduce your lot of research time upon colleges. Just click on the page numbers appearing below the share buttons to view the cut-off list. Under the every college name you’ll find the address and contact details.

Notations used in the Tables:

HU – Home University

O – Other than Home University

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